Sunday, May 1, 2011


Seeking the services of a small business web hosting company is something that you should do if you seriously want your business to grow.That is because a website would provide your company a means of communicating and building trust with your customers.However, the purpose of your website will not be fulfilled if you choose the wrong kind of web hosting.The right kind of small business web hosting for your needs would have the criteria described below.

Disk Space and Bandwidth.
Disk space and bandwidth allocation are two major factors that you should weigh in when selecting a small business web hosting company. The disk space dictates how big your website is going to be and the bandwidth controls how much traffic your website can accommodate.A typical website would not need more than 10MB of disk space.
Some web hosting services will try to lure you with huge amounts of hard disk space amounting to over 500MB. While big space can be attractive, you are not likely to utilize it. As for bandwidth, make sure that the small business web hosting company you will choose is clear on its bandwidth limits and how much will it charge for exceeding allocations.Do not let yourself be captivated by offers of unlimited bandwidth from small business web hosting services because it does not exist.

You should also check the infrastructure of your small business web hosting.Your chosen small business web hosting service should give you autonomy when it comes to working with your website.Thus, the small business web hosting service should have a control panel to make managing your website easier.If your website is going to serve as your store, your chosen small business web hosting should provide SSL, MySQL and shopping cart features.These features in small business web hosting will make conducting e-commerce smoother for you and assure your customers that their personal information is safe with you.Email addresses coupled with autoresponders and mail forwarding is also an important feature that all small business web hosting companies should offer.

The most important aspect of small business web hosting that you should look at seriously is the host’s reliability.The small business web hosting company should guarantee that its servers will be online 99.5% of the time, and would make refunds for any downtime.Also, the small business web hosting company should provide speedy technical support, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Why do start ups and small businesses need small business web hosting facilities? If this question has been bothering you, this article will help you find the answer.

For any small or start up online business, having a safe, scalable and live website is of outmost importance. All business owners will appreciate the value behind this. And this is where small business web hosting services come in. The world market is a rapidly developing space and outsourcing is most common. Outsourcing not only cuts overheads drastically, it ensures quality as well as flexibility.

When a small business owner outsources his/her web hosting services, he/she is actually gaining in a big way. Not only is he/she saving money due to the lower cost of small business web hosting, but he/she is also doing away with the need to have an in-house hosting. Having an internal small business web hosting service is a far larger investment that availing the services of a reliable hosting company, who offers the same services at almost ¼ the cost.

With the recession gloom looming large globally, it makes a lot of business sense to get small business web hosting from outside. But decreasing capital consumptions, a small organisation can stay afloat for longer. Moreover, by taking advantage of small business web hosting services, a small-sized organization can actually save 25% to 80% of capital over having their own in-house hosting solution.

However, small business web hosting services help organizations in more than just helping them save on overheads. These hosting services also allow for speedy connectivity, efficiency, dependability, 24X7 customer support, responsibility, and full accountability to get a website that functions continuously without any downtime at all.

Fortunately for small business owners, small business web hosting plans come with a wide range of choices. You can host your website for as cheap as $20 per annum to $50 and more depending on your requirements.

By outsourcing small business web hosting for your company, you are able to capitalize on all-round efficiency as well as leverage the power of the Internet to develop your business without any hurdles or interruptions.