Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learn How To Pick A Web Host - Choose The Best Website Hosting Service (Company/Provider)

Here are some important features which must be considered when choosing your web hosting company:

Reliability and uptime: Hosting uptime refers to the percentage of time the host is accessible via the internet. It is very important your service be uptime (functioning and available for use). It means you can access your account whenever you want to update your web pages, and users can enter your website whenever they refer to your site address. If your hosting service is not uptime it can be catastrophic!
Disk space: Web hosting space is the amount of room that the web host provides to store your HTML, graphic, video/audio and other files. This figure is most commonly stated in gigabytes. If you don't know how much space you need for your website, you can choose a web host with unlimited disk space, which allows you to build as many web pages as you want.
Bandwidth: Bandwidth (or data transfer) refers to the amount of data that is accessed by your visitors. Web hosts define bandwidth as the total amount of data access from your server over a month's time. This figure is most commonly expressed in gigabytes. If you don't know how much bandwidth you need for your website, you can pick a web host with unlimited data transfer, which allows you to support as many visitors as you want.
Ease of Control Panel: It is important that the control panel is easy to use and all information can be accessed easily.
******************************************************** is a reliable website to help you have the best choice. Their experts have been evaluating web hosting service providers for years, and now they provide you with the most reliable results. They present the information in an easy to understand format that helps the consumer make the best choice within just a few minutes.
There you can reach the three reputable companies that are leaders in the web hosting industry. They are all easy-to-use and affordable.


How to choose web hosting plans?

     A web host is simply a company that engages in the grant of disk space allowing users to create a website. You will be charged either a monthly or yearly fee based on the web hosting plan that you order and the company that you choose. With so many providers you may be wondering how to choose web hosting plans that are right for you. There are many factors that should be determined before settling on a specific company. It may seem like a daunting task choosing between different providers but can be done with a bit of patience and research. When deciding how to choose web hosting plans you need to consider what the hosting will be used for. Is this hosting going to be for a personal or business site? This will help to decide how much space you need for your site and the volume of content that will be placed on the site. Some hosting providers offer only limited space while others over larger options such as a VPS or even dedicated server. You also need to determine the amount of visitors that you will have each month. This is huge when deciding how to choose web hosting plans that will suit your needs. If you anticipate a high volume of visitors to your site each month you will need to find a provider that can give you the bandwidth that you need and will support it. Learning how to choose web hosting plans may not be an easy task but if you are able to make a detailed list of everything that you need in a host it will be much easier to narrow down your search. Things to include on your list are your budget for hosting, how many email addresses you need, any specific add-ons that you may needs as well as support. You want to make sure that the company that you choose can provide you with quality support just in case you ever need them or have questions. The best way to determine how to choose web hosting plans is by reading feedback from previous customers of any company that you may be interested in. If you have narrowed your search down to just a few companies ask for referrals, use search engines to ensure that they have positive feedback and even ask for recommendations from friends or family. In today�s world most companies and individuals have some type of website or blog so finding a reliable host will be easier than you thought.


Free Web Hosting Services

Web design is wonderful and a great way to earn income on the web. However, many would be website owners simply don't have the money to purchase a domain name and the hosting service at goes along with it. Free web hosting at no cost is a terrific way for the new website or blog owner to get started. There are numerous companies on the web that offer this service. For most of the companies offering free web hosting you still must purchase your domain name, but hosting that domain is free of charge. These are a couple of free webhost services that are catering to the needs of those that may already have their domain name and are looking for free domain hosting services. Free Domain Hosting This company provides each user with up to 100 Megs of storage space along with 1 GB per month of data transfer. A wonderful feature is up to 10 email accounts. There is free set up and no hidden monthly fees. If this doesn't happen to be enough space for your site you can add more bandwidth or space at a nominal fee. The one feature that many of their users really enjoy is they are free of unwanted ads that may services that offer free domain hosting subject their users to. Host-ed.NET Believe it or not this free domain hosting company happens to be Green or environmentally friendly. With their free domain hosting package you can expect to receive 250 MB of disk space and 5 GB of data transfer each month. There is 1 domain and 3 subdomains included in addition to FTP access, a web based file manager and a control panel. Extras that are contained with their free domain hosting are MySQL Database, Perl, traffic stats for analyzing your site, pop 3 emails and CGI. Host-ed.Net also happens to be another domain hosting company free of ads for their free customers. Mister.Net In order to obtain the free domain hosting services with Mister.Net they do require you register your domain name with their site. Registering your domain name will be at a cost. Even though you do pay a fee for domain name register with Mister.Net you won't be charged a setup fee , forced advertising or banners and pop-ups which can be annoying. Reviews of their service have been terrific. You will receive 250 MB disk space, personal cgi bin, front page plugin, no limit to email accounts under your domain name, 5 pop email accounts along with 5 GB of bandwidth each month. What is really nice about Mister.Net is that you have free e-commerce with shopping cart. They offer their customers unlimited ftp access, web based site control panel along with domain control panel. Their fee for your domain name is in exchange for a whole lot more offered through their hosting service not found with other free domain hosting services. Free web hosting is a wonderful tool for newbies to web design. Take advantage of these sites to get started on your journey to website ownership. credit